the catlady's death

A comic predicting my own death as an old catlady.
It is written in austrian dialect and inspired by my grandmothers.

»There is no joy left in this world.«

»I look disgusting.«

»Why do I even bother getting up?«

»MY BACK!!!«

»Only my cats are left to keep me company.«

»Everybody else is dead.«

»I don’t have a lot of time left either.«

»…and where are my teeth?«

»At least then everything will stop hurting.«

»Where are my glasses?«

»I’d like to be young again.«

»Then I wouldn’t be so deaf.«

»Maybe I’d know what to do with all that time.«

»And I’d still have some strength.«

»Being old is terrible.«

»Thank god that will pass too.«

The comic was exhibited at Bildetage Gallery. For this purpose the comic was painted directly on the wall and the narration was dissolved. The text was attached as speech bubbles. Also the audience could create their own speech bubbles and thus interact with the comic.