Goodprint is an app that helps you to track and reduce your ecological footprint.
Watch the casemovie:

The circles show how big your footprint is in an area. By clicking on the circles it will divide into it’s subareas. You can scroll on the timeline to see the develeopement of your footprint.

You can choose from 80+ customizeable missions to reduce your footprint. For each mission there is a wiki with more information and an animated info-video.

Watch an info-video about the ecological footprint of flying here:

Listen to radio spots promoting goodprint here.

In the community you can compare yourself to friends and create teams with them.

The statistics show the exact number of your ecological footprint.

For your achievemnts you’ll be awarded with rewards.

If you can’t change a behavior you’ll get options to compensate it in another area.

A set of icons was created taking up characteristics from the font. Each icon has different versions for optimal use in different sizes.

In collaboration with Christina Hosiner.